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I've been a cyclist for about seven years and unfortunately have never been athletically gifted which has led me to injuries and much frustration. In time I tried to do something about it which took me to my first bike fit, quickly followed by two more. Unfortunately, I was never happy with the position. 

I started reading and experimenting with bike positions and equipment while undertaking my PhD in neuroscience. I learnt how to read scientific literature and conduct experiments. This has given me a great basis of knowledge which I have now augmented with experience from working with different types of cyclists. 

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Additionally, I feel a lot of current fitters promise a lot but never give you the tools to get there. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' bike fit - the human body changes and adapts and it is a continuous process. I have decided to offer a more 'coaching' style of fit where we can discuss and evolve your position over time. This could involve the process of an in person fit in the winter, email support and then a fine tuning fit out on the roads in the summer.  

I am a certified member of the International Bike Fitters Institute and have undertaken the Torke Cycling Body Positioning, Foot Activation and TT Specific Positioning courses. 

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