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The Bike Fit Process

There are many old ideas and traditions that occur in bike fitting. Unfortunately, these 'rules of thumb' do not work for everyone and a more unique approach is often required. To provide a thorough and comprehensive bike fit, more investigative work is needed which is the service we offer here. 

We first look at the rider off the bike to assess both their biomechanics and what they can do to become more functional on and off the bike. 

Next we assess shoes, insoles and pedals. A poor fitting shoe can hamper the whole fit process. I have partnered with Salt Dog Cycling in Derby to offer shoes and insoles.

Once on the bike, we look at stability, breathing, leg function, foot activation and comfort. 

If you are comfortable and efficient, you will perform better. 

Bike fits are £100

Outdoor Squats

Bike fits are largely dictated by your functional movement. Can you sit in a deep squat for five minutes without pain? If not you'll find out how this affects your bike position. 


The industry standard for observing your position. We record from four angles to get a clear idea of how symmetrical and stable you are and how various interventions improve your position.



Foot Activation

The foot is a key component as this is where power is delivered and is the most important area for optimisation. 


Saddle fitting

Tired of buying multiple saddles without any ever being comfortable? Try our saddle fit  and demo service which allows you to  trial the saddle on real roads in your own time. 



While technology is overrated in the bike fitting industry, a few pieces do offer interesting information. The Leomo allows monitoring of a position indoors and outdoors over the course of an entire ride. 

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